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IGHR 2019

IGHR 2019 Courses  Color | B&W

About IGHR 2019 | About IGHR (no dates)

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Public Events

FamilySearch Family History and Genealogy Expo & Evening Sessions 2019 flyer
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FamilySearch Family History and Genealogy Expo 2019 flyer

Future IGHR Course Lists

IGHR Future Courses Planning Sheet  Color | B&W

IGHR 2020 Courses  Color | B&W

IGHR 2021 Courses  Color | B&W

IGHR 2020 and 2021 Courses on one flyer  Color | B&W

2019 Hotel Info Online

Reserve your room for IGHR 2019 TODAY! Details are available under the IGHR 2019 tab or click on the link to view 2019 hotel information.

IGHR 2019 Courses

Registration for IGHR 2019 courses opens Friday, 8 March 2019! All discount promotion codes are available on each course description page. Save $25 with the Early Bird discount or $50 as a GGS member! Look for the option to join GGS during registration.

Follow the link to view the tentative course planning sheet (with IGHR dates through 2022).

IGHR Store

Check out the new items in the IGHR Online Store! Follow the link to purchase a shirt, jacket, computer bag, and more. An IGHR hoodie will keep you warm in cold classrooms, libraries, and archives.

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Questions about your registration should be sent to ighrregister@gagensociety.org or call (470) 466-2716.