Volunteer Opportunities

Want to give back to the genealogy community? We have volunteer opportunities for you!

Each year, IGHR uses the talent and time of many volunteers to pull off an amazing week of classes, networking, and good ol’ genealogy fun. Many attendees will be surprised to learn that none of the IGHR “staff” are paid for their efforts. Everyone from the director to the person directing you at check-in are volunteers – we couldn’t do this without YOU!

Browse the opportunities below and sign up using the Volunteer Sign-up button.

Expo and IGHR on-site Volunteers

Sign up to begin June 2021. Volunteers accruing at least two hours of volunteer time at the Expo and IGHR may be eligible for special door prizes.

  • Expo and Registration day greeters and guides
  • Ticket takers for meals and evening sessions
  • Booth ambassadors for IGHR and GGS booths
  • Book store sorting and packing/unpacking

Publicity/Marketing Committee

Skills needed: Strategic marketing, social media management, graphic design, and content development

More Information:

In addition to producing a strategic 12-month advertising plan, marketing/publicity volunteers will combine their skills and experience to:

  • identify and maintain lists of cost-efficient advertising outlets and outreach opportunities
  • research and recommend swag and souvenir items for the IGHR store
  • create and distribute content for press releases, ads, and promotional items
  • actively participate in and maintain the IGHR social media and email campaigns

The committee coordinator will be a project manager with keen eye for budget and inventory management and reasonable exposure to marketing and publicity activities. The coordinator will also be a person who is not afraid of technology, social media, and content development.

If you have just one of these skills – you might be a great fit for the marketing/publicity team. While the marketing happens year-round, some bits and pieces are created once then updated annually other components require year-round commitment.

Registration Committee

Skills needed: IT user-interface experience, customer service, data analysis, and event-organizing

More Information:

The registration committee is comprised of volunteers with a wide variety of skills and interests.

Before registration opens, our registration committee:

  • works with the technology team to ensure a smooth user experience
  • ensures accuracy and clarity of the online registration information
  • manually processes scholarship and priority registrations

During registration, the committee:

  • is actively (virtually) available on registration opening day
  • resolves registration hiccups
  • processes cancellations and refunds
  • gathers and disseminates registration data to other committees (meals sold, syllabi ordered, Expo vendors, etc.)

Pre-event and on-site the registration committee is responsible for:

  • Assembling attendee packets
  • Managing on-site IGHR Check-in operations (distribute packets, answering event and facility-related questions, problem solving, friendly customer service)

The committee coordinator will work with the team to create and oversee a smooth registration experience for IGHR attendees and disseminate necessary data to other committee chairs. The ideal coordinator can effectively communicate, resolve problems, meet deadlines, and be a positive representative of IGHR to both attendees and other IGHR organizers.

You don’t need to have any or all of these skills to be on the committee, just an avid interest in working as a team and the desire to create a positive user-experience during registration and check-in.

Syllabus/Attendee Information Committee

Skills needed: Publishing and editing

More Information:

Producing accurate and user-friendly attendee materials is a team effort. Volunteers on this committee will:

  • Collect and organize course material from instructors via the IGHR directors and Course Coordinators
  • Collect and organize event information and classroom schedules
  • Update the attendee handbook with local information
  • Collate and convert materials to PDF format for printing and electronic delivery
  • Manage the printing process
  • Gather and format faculty bios for the website and social media posts

The Syllabus/Attendee Information Committee coordinator will effectively communicate with the IGHR director, other committee chairs, and instructors to ensure cost-efficient and accurate materials are produced and prepared for timely dissemination. Project management and a keen eye for editing are a bonus.

Transportation Committee

Skills needed: Transportation logistics, problem solving

More Information:

This small committee has a big job. In addition to organizing and publicizing information on transportation to and from the Atlanta airport, the Transportation Committee:

  • Disseminates updated information on local UGA campus bus transportation
  • Communicates passenger counts to transportation vendor(s)
  • Organizes shuttle bus schedule to/from Holiday Inn – Athens (overflow hotel)
  • Arranges appropriate transportation in/around campus for the mobility impaired
  • Organizes off-campus transportation for IGHR field trips and course events
  • Communicates public transportation information to other committees for use on website and in handbook.

The Transportation Coordinator will negotiate discounts (with IGHR Director approval), obtain budget approvals, and coordinate the public-transportation requirements for IGHR staff and attendees to and from IGHR and in/around campus and the Athens area. An eye for detail, problem solving, and efficient budgeting are key characteristic for this position.

Expo Committee

Skills needed: Logistics, event planners

More Information:

Logistics experts and event planners will thrive on this committee. The FamilySearch Expo is a public event held immediately before IGHR. This committee works months in advance, but also has on-site and week-of opportunities.

Pre-Expo committee volunteers will:

  • Identify and invite vendors; coordinate with them for space allocation, drayage and shipping information, and special booth requirements
  • Manage vendor registration process for website
  • Create and maintain an exhibitor and sponsor list for use on the website and in printed marketing and attendee materials
  • Create vendor table tents
  • Identify specific day-of volunteer needs and coordinate with Volunteer committee to fill positions

Event day responsibilities:

  • On-site operations coordinator to direct set-up and tear-down, problem solve, and attend vendors and volunteers

The Expo Committee coordinator will communicate with IGHR directors and Steering Committee to ensure an efficient expo from vendor acquisition to exhibit tear-down. Specific duties will also include securing event sponsors and vendor/donor appreciation.  Project management and event planning experience preferred with preference given to those with past expo or multi-faceted event management experience.

Technology Committee

Skills needed: Website development/management, cloud-based integration, ability to train others on use of IT

More Information:

Year-round opportunities exist for those with a knack for IT, software integration, technology trends, and helping other committee volunteers and IGHR staff adapt to new technologies. Ideally, this committee will include volunteers who:

  • Are proficient, or willing to learn, IGHR website software and update website content as necessary
  • Will participate in event registration and troubleshoot/problem solve as necessary
  • Provide training to IGHR volunteers on technologies used (website, apps, virtual meetings, etc.)
  • Identify and recommend new apps and technologies to keep IGHR current

The committee coordinator will be a person familiar with all of the technologies used and who has the ability to communicate effectively with IGHR directors to develop website enhancements, IT budget requirements, and provide internal and external customer service.

Volunteer Committee

Skills needed: Volunteer management, customer service

More Information:

It takes a committee of volunteers to manage volunteer committees. If people are your thing and you enjoy helping an organization thrive by matching skills and talents to tasks and duties; if you want to be involved but aren’t thrilled by writing advertising copy, learning IT stuff, or figuring out where to put a vendor table, this may be the place for you to dive in.

This committee will:

  • Work with other committees to identify volunteer positions, create job descriptions, and recruit and train volunteers in accordance with IGHR objectives
  • Use technology to efficiently schedule event volunteer shifts at IGHR and outreach events throughout the year
  • Create and manage volunteer appreciation program
  • Identify and implement technology-based volunteer management tools for scheduling, communicating, training, feedback, and recognition
  • Maintain an active volunteer recruiting process and actively engage past-volunteers throughout the year.

The Volunteer Committee Coordinator will be someone who can communicate effectively and timely with other IGHR directors and coordinators to manage the volunteer needs for IGHR. The ability to delegate, respond to requests, provide engaging customer service, and work within a limited budget are vital. Experience with volunteer management software and volunteer appreciation programs are preferred.

Stay tuned as we add more opportunities…

There is no set number of volunteers for each committee and some committees may operate without a coordinator until one is organically identified from within the committee. Don’t be intimidated by the specific skills being sought for that committee. If you have an avid interest or basic background in that type of work, you are welcome to apply for that committee. These are dynamic positions. If you are willing to work, we will find a place for you to contribute!

While much of our work is on-going throughout the year, there are opportunities to help for shorter commitments – including one- or two-hour commitments at the institute. Some opportunities do not even require you to attend IGHR and most do not require you to actually be in Georgia. We do the bulk of our coordination by web-meetings, and our correspondence sharing is done by email or document sharing sites. All you need is a willingness to help and a reliable internet connection. We will provide guidance on using our technologies and working within a committee ensures you will never be without a helpful resource.


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