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Course 1 Registration begins 1-Feb-2020: 9:30 am Eastern Time [Maximum: 24 students] Course Coordinator Rebecca Whitman Koford, CG®, CGLSM Description Learn or review the processes for researching family history, from the basic building blocks found in the census to using the modern science of DNA to solve relationship mysteries. This foundation course at IGHR provides (more…)

Course 2 Registration begins 1-Feb-2020: 11:30 am Eastern Time [Maximum: 30 students] Course Coordinator Angela Packer McGhie, CG® Description This course is designed to help intermediate genealogists expand their knowledge of genealogical records and techniques. Instruction includes an exploration of a variety of genealogical sources including land, military, immigration, probate and court records. It will (more…)

Course 3 Registration begins 1-Feb-2020: 1:30 pm Eastern Time [Maximum: 30 students] Course Coordinator Judy G. Russell, JD, CG®, CGLSM Description Building on the basics taught in Course 1 (Methods and Sources) and Course 2 (Intermediate Genealogy and Historical Studies), Course 3 is designed to develop and foster advanced skills by concentrating on (more…)

Course 4 Registration begins 1-Feb-2020: 2:30 pm Eastern Time [Maximum: 30 students] Course Coordinator Thomas W. Jones, PhD, CG®, FASG, FUGA, FNGS Description Emphasizing genealogical scholarship, this course covers aspects of writing unique to genealogy, the writing process, materials that genealogists write and publish in print and online, ethics for genealogical writers, commercial (more…)

Course 5 Registration begins 1-Feb-2020: 10:30 am Eastern Time [Maximum: 40 students] Course Coordinator Patti Lee Hobbs, CG® Description This course covers all the types of DNA (Y-DNA, mitochondrial DNA, X-DNA, and autosomal DNA) needed to incorporate genetic evidence into a genealogical study. Sessions are organized around the workflow used to answer genealogical questions related (more…)

Course 6 Registration begins 1-Feb-2020: 11:30 am Eastern Time [Maximum: 25 students] Course Coordinator Michael L. Strauss, AG® Description The final of the three courses of military instruction is designed to have each attendee gain the maximum understanding covering both research and methodology. Resources beyond the in-depth records learned in Course II will include case (more…)

Course 7 Registration begins 1-Feb-2020: 10:30 am Eastern Time [Maximum: 30 students] Course Coordinator Paul Milner, MDiv, FUGA Description This course will address migration from Scotland to North America and how settlement on this side of the Atlantic may provide clues to origins in Scotland. The course then takes an in-depth exploration of the fundamental (more…)

Course 8 Registration begins 1-Feb-2020: 12:30 pm Eastern Time [Maximum: 35 students] Course Coordinator Gerald H. “Jerry” Smith, CG® Description A practicum-based course teaching metes & bounds land platting. The week begins with background, skills, pencil & paper platting, and moves rapidly to computer platting. Students are expected to arrive with DeedMapper software (more…)

Course 9 Registration begins 1-Feb-2020: 3:30 pm Eastern Time [Maximum: 60 students] Course Coordinator J. Mark Lowe, CG®, FUGA Description This course is designed for the intermediate to advanced researcher. A solid understanding of genealogy basics is required to make use of the materials and concepts presented. Students must have experience in using (more…)

Course 13 Registration begins 1-Feb-2020: 9:30 am Eastern Time [Maximum: 35 students] Course Coordinator Karen Mauer Jones, CG®, FGBS, FUGA Description Researching New York State ancestors is difficult, especially pre-1850. This course presents the resources and strategies that prove most successful in breaking down brick walls in New York. We will discuss highlights of the (more…)
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