AncestryProGenealogists® Scholarship

AncestryProGenealogists® Scholarship

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  • December 13, 2018
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AncestryProGenealogists® Scholarship (applications due by 30 November)—open to aspiring or practicing professional genealogists.

The AncestryProGenealogists® Scholarship Program will provide four scholarships that will cover tuition, round-trip economy travel (airfare, train, or bus), and hotel expenses, not to exceed $2000, for one individual each to attend one of the four institutes listed on their website, which includes the Institute of  Genealogy and Historical Research. The scholarships will be awarded to qualified applicants who demonstrate a commitment to genealogy as a profession, a desire for professional development, and the ability to communicate that commitment in writing.

Visit the AncestryProGenealogists® website for more details and the official rules.

2021 AncestryProGenealogists® Scholarship Winner

Alexa CorcoranCongratulations to Alexa Klimas Corcoran winner of the 2021 AncestryProGenealogists® Scholarship for IGHR. Alexa will be taking “Irish Genealogical Research and Methodology” coordinated by David E. Rencher, AG®, CG®, FIGRS, FUGA. After more than twenty years as an entrepreneur and consultant, Alexa Corcoran brought her academic roots in history together with a personal passion for family research to launch her professional genealogy career. Founder of Archway Genealogy, Alexa enjoys working with clients through research and coaching, utilizing traditional research and genetic genealogy, as well as writing and lecturing. Her motivation is rooted in her immigrant ancestry, seeking to find those who lived among many in urban communities, share their stories, and layer in contextual social history. Alexa specializes in mid-Atlantic research and regularly visits Maryland and Washington D.C. repositories. After previously completing the Genealogical Essentials course, she earned a Certificate in Genealogical Research from Boston University in 2018. A graduate of ProGen Study Group (38), Alexa has completed advanced coursework at the major institutes across the country and is an engaged member of several genealogical societies. With an avid interest in genetic genealogy, she serves as the Co-Chair of UGA DNA, an international DNA Special Interest Group of the Utah Genealogical Association. Her goal is to achieve certification from the Board for Certification of Genealogists, accreditation from the International Commission for the Accreditation of Professional Genealogists in both mid-Atlantic region and Ireland, and work in the field as a professional educator, author, and lecturer.


Previous Recipients

2020 — Adina Newman

2019 — Linda Tseitlin

2018 — Peg A. Ivanyo

2017 — Denyce Peyton

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