Sharon Batiste Gillins, BS, MS


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Gillins, Sharon Batiste


Sharon Batiste Gillins is a native of Galveston, Texas with paternal ancestral roots in St. Mary Parish, Louisiana and maternal roots in Fort Bend County, Texas.  A life-long interest in her family’s history led to an active involvement in genealogical research.  Ms. Gillins’ career spans 40 years in education, retiring as Associate Professor at Riverside Community College, Riverside, California.  She frequently calls upon her career background as a college educator to lecture and present at regional and national genealogy conferences.  Ms. Gillins’ research and teaching emphasize strategies for researching underutilized record sources to discover details of 19th Century Southern life and ancestry, including that of planter slave owners, enslaved people and free-people-of-color.

Ms. Gillins works as a Research Associate at the Mary Moody Northen Endowment in Galveston, Texas, her work centered on the Moody family archive.

2021 Course

  • Course Ten — Genealogy as a Profession