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Bartlett, Jim


Jim Bartlett has been an active genealogist since 1974, visited courthouses, scrolled microfilms at the National Archives, published a Family Newsletter, wrote letters to cousins and researchers, etc. before PCs. He documented/indexed over 10,000 descendants of his ancestor Thomas BARTLETT c1730-1806 – a copy is in the DAR Library. He was active on many Rootsweb surname Boards and email groups. In 2002 he started (and still Admins) the BARTLETT Surname project at FamilyTreeDNA (currently over 500 members, and 23 different lines from Colonial America). During the 2000s he extracted all the BARTLETTs in census records 1810-1880 in 12 States and combined that data with other records to form various family groups – some linked by Y-DNA, some not. He produced 12 booklets arranged by counties with name and record indexes. He has Y-DNA tested at every level up to Y-700; and did the Full Mitochondrial DNA test. In 2010 Jim took the autosomal DNA test at FamilyTreeDNA and 23andMe, and later at AncestryDNA and MyHeritage and LivingDNA and an exome test at Genos.

Jim began teaching DNA for genealogy in 2002, and has presented at many conferences and genealogy meetings. In 2010 he began teaching atDNA and in 2015 began a blog at: www.segmentology.org to explain autosomal DNA segments and genetic genealogy, in plain English, to genealogists – particularly to those who were trying to understand the genetic part of genetic genealogy. A scan through his blogpost titles will provide an insight to his understanding of autosomal DNA and segment Triangulation. He wrote Chapter 1: Lessons Learned from Triangulating a Genome in “Advanced Genetic Genealogy: Techniques and Case Studies”; Editor: Debbie Wayne Parker, 2019. Jim enjoys explaining the complexity of DNA in everyday terms, and providing hands-on understanding for genealogists.

2021 Course

  • Course Five — Genetics for Genealogists: Beginning DNA