Athens and UGA

Welcome to UGA

The Georgia Genealogical Society (GGS) is excited to welcome you to Georgia and to Athens and the Georgia Center for Continuing Education on the University of Georgia campus.

There are a couple of things that can be confusing, the first of which is that the University of Georgia is known and referred to as UGA. In genealogical circles, this can be quite confusing since Utah Genealogical Association is the organization normally associated with the initials UGA. The second is that Sanford Stadium, named for the late Dr. S. V. Sanford, former president of the University and Chancellor of the University System of Georgia, has an N instead of the M that we were accustomed to in Samford University.

The following is some basic information about Athens, Georgia, and the University of Georgia campus. Clarke County was founded in 1801 as the site of Franklin College, which is now the University of Georgia. The area was part of former Indian lands (The Creek and Cherokee nation disputed over who had control) which came to the state of Georgia as part of the Cherokee Cession of 1784 The University of Georgia was chartered in 1785 and is the oldest state chartered university in America. The delay in the college holding classes from its founding in 1785 until 1801 was due in large part to The Oconee War (pronounced O co nee, with long o’s and long e’s) with the Creek Indians. The North Oconee and the Middle Oconee Rivers surround Athens.

The population of Athens-Clarke County, according to the American Community Survey, is estimated as of 2018 as 125,964. Athens-Clarke County is the second unified government in Georgia.

The University of Georgia is a comprehensive land and sea grant institution composed of 17 schools and colleges. Most importantly for us at IGHR, the UGA Libraries are ranked among the nation’s best research libraries with a total of 5.27 million volumes and one of the nation’s largest map collections. For more information about UGA statistics and numbers go to UGA ‘By The Numbers’ Enrollment at the University of Georgia (UGA) as of Fall Semester 2019 is: Undergraduate – 29,848; Graduate/Professional – 9,072; total – 38,920. Main campus is 465 buildings on 762 acres.

Another frequently asked question is “How many does Sanford Stadium seat?” The answer is 92,746 and the stadium opened in 1929. Georgia Bulldogs and Lady Bulldogs are the athletic teams of the university. Uga and Hairy Dawg are the mascot iterations. Uga is the live English Bulldog, and Hairy Dawg is the human in mascot gear. Uga X (pronounced UGHH ah Ten) formerly known as Que was introduced Nov 2015 as the latest Uga at the most recent changing of the collar ceremony.

The Georgia Center for Continuing Education, construction partially funded by the Kellogg Foundation, was built in 1956 and has been a part of UGA’s outreach and public service mission since that time The Georgia Center enables IGHR to hold classes, enjoy meals, and stay in 200 hotel rooms under one roof. Networking should be enhanced as there are a number of public places for people to sit and gather informally. Ticketed meals are onsite in the Banquet area of the Georgia Center to promote more networking. This space will not be shared with other groups. People will also have the option of going to other places to eat nearby, and for the courses that might have a class on another part of campus, people might choose to go eat somewhere closer to where that class might be.

Just like the folks at Samford, GGS wants to make this the best experience possible for all.



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