Institute of Genealogy and Historical Research.

Each committee will be responsible for submitting a budget to the IGHR Steering Committee by December 1 of the year preceding the IGHR being planned.

Each committee will be responsible for writing and entering their information on the website and keeping it updated.

Each committee is responsible for keeping the Communications, the Publicity/Marketing and the Steering Committees updated on changes and processes.  We need to be sure we are all giving out the same information when asked questions.

Each committee is responsible for recording its meetings and submitting these records to GGS Historian/Archivist after each IGHR.

Committee members will attend online meetings of their committees and communicate electronically on a regular basis as needed to meet deadlines set by the Steering Committee.

Each committee should keep in mind accessibility issues for people with disabilities or impairments of various kinds in their planning.

Committee members do not have to live in Georgia or be members of Georgia Genealogical Society.  Most of the work will be done online through email or GoToMeeting.

Food/Menu committee

Responsible for determining menus for meals and breaks during the week. 

Making sure the meals information for the website is kept up-to-date

Formulating the tickets and making sure they are in each attendee’s packets

Resolving problems with meal tickets

Making sure dietary needs of attendees are accommodated with menu planning.

Technology committee

Coordinates with Course Coordinators as to technology needs of the IGHR faculty.

Works with the Technology person at the Georgia Center to insure that technology in all classrooms and large meeting spaces are all working as needed.

Works with Syllabus/Attendee information committee to make sure course information is protected properly, and works well for attendees.

Makes sure that the tools being used by IGHR committees are efficient and easy to use including email.

Makes recommendations to IGHR Steering Committee about what project management software should be used and trains IGHR committees on its use.

Expo/Exhibit/Vendor committee

If we have an expo type event on Sunday when people are registering, this committee is in charge of finding, contracting with, and communicating with the vendors.  This would be open to societies, and vendors with products of genealogical interest.  It would be free and open to the public sort of like a mini conference exhibit hall to introduce the general public to and encourage interest in genealogy.

Committee will assist in set up of vendors and clean up after vendors.

This committee will troubleshoot for vendors.

This committee will make arrangements with GA Center for necessary tables, chairs, etc.

Transportation committee

Will work with Groome Transportation to make sure there are adequate shuttles to handle people coming from Atlanta airport.

Will work out transportation for groups and classes to venues/locations off campus – such as courthouse visit.

Might possibly work out a system of vans from ATL airport to GA Archives and NARA in Atlanta to allow people to go there first if they come in on Friday and Saturday before IGHR on Sunday.

Make sure all local transportation information including Athens Transit and UGA Transit schedules are up-to-date and given to all.

Insure that transit apps are made available to all attendees.

Write detailed transportation information for IGHR for website and make sure it is entered on the website and kept updated

Will be responsible for making information arranging options for and making information available about options for mobility impaired attendees and other people with disabilities.

Communications committee

Develop basic materials about IGHR and make sure the information is disseminated in a variety of formats and media so that people can find what they need in a variety of ways.

Responsible for overseeing all communications about IGHR and making sure it is clear and complete.  This will include reviewing updates on website and in print materials.

Develop an overall schedule for each IGHR Course that includes class locations, meal times, etc.

Develop a glossary to be included in attendee packets to reduce confusion.  For instance, explain that syllabus in genealogy means handouts.  In Georgia, UGA is not Utah Genealogical Association, it is the University of Georgia.

Syllabus/attendee information committee

Create and organize basic IGHR information for all attendees.  This information to include medical facilities, recreational facilities, etc.

Digital syllabus information needs to have searchable TOC and metadata that makes it easy to use. 

It also needs to be protected so that it cannot be shared indiscriminately.  We need to determine whether it should be downloadable with username and password from Web or info for each course on a flash drive.

Determine costs and methods of producing print syllabus so that it can be included as additional fee.

Attendees will be given basic information about Athens, the libraries, restaurants and other in a packet with a table of contents. This committee will work with the Communications Committee to make sure that all necessary information is included.

Needs of people with disabilities will need to be considered in work of this committee.

Publicity/Marketing committee

Responsible for publicizing IGHR, explaining what it is and why it is important.

Responsible for making sure that up-to-date and interesting information is on website.

Publicizing IGHR to state and local genealogical societies.

Develop and create ads for FGS and NGS conferences and determine best use of advertising funds.

Develop a plan for promoting IGHR at national conferences and other large state conferences, including recommending whether or not to have a booth.  If a booth is to be purchased, develop a plan for staffing the booth.

Develop displays and promotional materials for IGHR that establishes and reinforces branding.

This committee is responsible for making sure that we are using Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, and other existing and emerging social media to promote IGHR.

Advisory Board

Responsible for Course selection; coordinator selection, overall guidance as to direction of IGHR. 

This has been composed of representatives from the Board for the Certification of Genealogists (BCG) and Samford University Libraries Staff.  For 2017, it will be somewhat the same structure but will have representatives from the UGA Libraries , Athens-Clarke County Library, and Alexander Campbell King Law Library at UGA in addition to the BCG representatives.

Procurement committee

This committee is responsible for researching, purchasing and making sure all purchases such as name tags, shirts, bags, or other gifts are reIf we decide to purchase bags, name tags, or give other gifts, this committee is responsible for researching and obtaining the items.

Budget/Finance committee

This committee is responsible for seeing that all expenses are budgeted for and that we budget to maximize how we use our dollars without compromising quality. They can also make recommendations for how to increase income preferably through means other than increasing registration costs.

Registration/name tag committee

Responsible for setting up registration procedures, training people to assist people check in, making sure procedures are effective and efficient for the registrants. 

Work with Procurement committee to make sure all items are ready to hand out to attendees at registration.

Give out name tags and registration materials

Organize information to be given out to people as they register

Set up procedure for on-site registration

Sponsorship committee

This committee will be responsible for soliciting sponsors for IGHR as a whole or for specific  projects, speakers, or events at IGHR.

This committee will stay in close communication with the Expo/exhibit/vendor committee to make sure that there is space for sponsors at the expo/exhibit area if that is held.

Steering committee

This is the committee that will oversee the day to day workings and details of making sure that IGHR works effectively.

Composed of one person from each of the other committees and the IGHR Director. This committee will make overall decisions based on input from each committee

This committee will also set deadlines and create the structure for getting the day to day work done for IGHR.

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